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Online sport psychology services – Are you ready?

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Online sport psychology services – Are you ready?

We are now in the decade of the 2020s and much has changed in the world of sport and sport psychology support for the masses. The number of qualified sport psychologists is growing and the number of people seeking the services of a sport psychologist is growing. With all this growth going on, what are we doing to ensure that the masses can access, use and benefit from sport psychology support? The greatest development recently is the proliferation of sport psychology services delivered online throughout the world (Neff & Jurica, 2012). This development is so exciting because there are no barriers for Connie in California to speak with Sarah in Sydney. There are no barriers for Paul in Portmarnock to speak with Patrice in Provence. Although we might quibble about the time differences, we are, as athletes and coaches, in prime position to work with the best sport psychologists in the world.

So if I am a sport psychologist, what do I need to work online? 

  • First, you need access to the internet using mobile, tablet or computer. 

  • Next, you need some Wi-Fi enabled connection for people to connect with you wherever you are in the world. 

  • There are several platforms offering website building that include booking systems, payment systems and facilities for online calls and chat. These systems are relatively inexpensive and you can be up and running for £400 for the year. Clients can pay you for your intake session and a zoom call set up for your meeting without lifting a finger.

  • Next, you can set up social media marketing, e-mail marketing, search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising and be under the eyes of the world for those people who need your services. 

  • To stand out from the crowd, you need to invest in your presence online. You can join a directory of sport psychologists who advertise your services on your behalf – see more at What can you expect from such directories? These sport directories are the places people go to find people that can work with, and support, clients to meet their needs. Remember, the better your profile on a sports directory like, the easier you will be found and contacted. Remember also that on these directories, people can find your contact number, website and social media connections. Although you might not be directly contacted from a sports directory by a client, they will never find you if you are not visible online. The more you create blogs and videos of good quality, the more your profile will be found in web searchers.

 Remember, there are billions of people around the world with internet access. These people might need the services of a sport psychologist. The least we could do on our side is to be ready for the call. The best businesses in the world get ready for business long before the calls come through to their phones or the e-mails come through to their inboxes. When the first payment comes through from a client booking your services, you will know that you have a business to offer athletes, coaches, and teams around the world. Is it time to get started?

Robert Neff & Brad Jurica (2012). Online Mental Training: Making it Available for the Masses, Journal of Sport Psychology in Action, 3:3, 182-192, DOI: 10.1080/21520704.2012.656833

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