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Football Psychology

Football psychology

What is football psychology?

Football psychology is as the name suggests - the psychology of football and the psychology in football. Most people who watch or play football want to know how players think, feel and act. They want o know how players stay calm under pressure, score penalties in a World Cup final or win the Ballon d'Or. Most people want to know what makes Messi so gifted and Ronaldo so influential. The answers to these questions are possible to raise by exploring psychology in football. We can explore talent, talent development, skill development, recovery from injury, dealing with managers, coping with setbacks, training schedules and so much more. The psychology of football and the psychology in football is forever expanding and never loses in interest.

What do you do to put football psychology in your game?

Most people do not put psychology into their football so often miss out on their potential. There is a benefit to football players when they work with a qualified psychologist; however that choice is up to the football player. If you were going to make a change to your game for the season ahead, would you start working on your mental game?



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