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A sport psychologist for tennis and tennis players

We have a choice in life to help ourselves or to ask for help. High achievers struggle to ask for help because of what asking for help might say or mean about them. This circumstance is not true for all high achievers; however, the experience is common. Do high achievers go to the dentist? Do high achievers bring their cars for a service? Yes, of course they do; however, these forms of help are different from the help they might receive from a sport psychologist. The help from a sport psychologist might mean for the tennis player or athlete that they need specific help with a part of their game. It seems sensible to ask for help when you need it but many high achievers only see the sadness about why they cannot do this one thing on their own. They see that asking for help in this domain highlights that something is not solvable on their own; however, that really is not the case at all. Working with a sport psychologist only means that you are trying to figure things out together. Working with a sport psychologist as a tennis player might just mean you are learning to see things clearly or finding someone to listen to your challenges in life. All of these presentations are real, human and wholly acceptable. The next time you come across a challenge you can ask for help, try a different strategy, or hide from the problem. The last of these plans is usually working against your better health and well being. When you need help, ask for help.


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