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A sport psychologist for golf and golfers

Choosing to see a sport psychologist for your golf is often a big step because of the time or cost involved; however, some investment might be just the catalyst you need to get to where you need to go in golf. The most important factor is that you feel comfortable and excited about working with a sport psychologist because that means you will be willing to do the work on your game in the time you work together. There are lots of ways to begin working with a sport psychologist or a golf psychologist (that's just what some people call a sport psychologist) so you might wish to begin by reading one of their books. Here's an example of one of my books. Books are a great way to get started on the psychology of golf because you get to read the work of the sport psychologist and then when you are ready you can work with the sport psychologist. Some people prefer to work on an online course where the sport psychologist provides audio files and tasks for you to complete if you choose. You might be ready after reading the book and completing the online course and then jump to the next stage.

The bottom line is that you are choosing to help yourself in a way that works for you. It might be a book, an online course, or online work directly with the sport psychologist. What matters is that you choose the help you need. If you are ready, you can join me for an initial consultation and we can succeed from there inwards.


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