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What Can I Do To Move Forward Happily?

Positive psychology is the scientific study of positive experiences at a subjective, individual and group level. At a subjective level, positive psychology is about positive subjective experience: well-being, enjoyment, flow, happiness and positive constructive thoughts about the future. At an individual level, it is about positive personal traits including a capacity for love, forgiveness, perseverance, high talent and wisdom., At a group level, it is helping individuals towards better citizenship, responsibility, moderation, tolerance, and worth ethic. In sport and exercise contexts, many of these positive experiences are implicit in the research and professional practice of sport and exercise professionals. For example, perseverance and high talent are characteristics of elite sport performers. Perseverance links with commitment to sport and understanding high talent are studied by those interested in expertise and its development. Well-being and quality of life are key functions of exercise and health professionals who endorse exercise as a functional path to these worthy experiences.

Here’s something you might try for one week: 1. Gratitude visit. Write and deliver a letter of gratitude in person to someone who helped you but has not been thanked. 2. Gratitude: Write three things that went well today. Try to write an explanation to show why it went well too.

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