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A note about support from Dr Paul McCarthy

Fees for support are offered on a weekly or monthly service until cancelled. Support includes an online or face-to-face meeting (e.g., 40-90 minutes) depending on location. Other levels of support and communication (e.g., e-mail or WhatsApp) are also available. 

Each weekly or monthly meeting reviews what has been achieved, addresses current issues and sets out plans for the following month. We create a bespoke service for professional athletes and teams depending on their needs and requirements.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Elite Athlete Support

    Every week
    Support for elite performers
    • Online Meetup
    • Email support
    • WhatsApp messaging
    • Work in performance cycles
    • Typical yearly contract
    • Athlete initiatives appointments
  • Supervision

    Every month
    Trainee-centered support
    • One-to-one online support (60 - 75 minutes) x 1
    • Email support
    • Report writing
    • Logbook review
    • Contracting
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