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Pour Enough Success In - Success Will Come Out

I love reading. I have always loved reading. I liked to learn about words, expression and knowledge for its own sake. But this love of reading helped me in my profession too. I poured so much in it was inevitable what would come out. I read fiction and nonfiction. I read lots about humanity. I read about motivation, emotion, and action. I read about development, experience and expertise. I have read thousands of books and research papers and I will continue to read this material because it is interesting and there is no end to my learning - I can always learn more which is exciting.

But you might need success differently. You might need success in sport or education or business. Your definition of success will differ from mine. Success is learning and improving my knowledge and understanding. I work at this improvement each day. But if you wish to be successful in your line of work, you need to grab all those things that will help you in pursuit of your goal. You need to talk to others and LISTEN to others. You need to ask yourself each day: Is this the right way to do what I am doing? How can I improve my way of doing things?

These invasive questions open the nuts and bolts of how we do what we do - not why we do what we do. Most people know why they do what they do but they do not work hard enough on HOW I do what I do. They jump off the improvement treadmill because of fear of failure, fear of success, guilt, embarrassment and so forth. Remember that the strategies work ONLY when WE WORK THE STRATEGY.

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