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Holding Myself To A Higher Standard

Although we play our sport to whatever level (e.g., amateur, semi-professional, professional), we are free to hold ourselves to a higher standard for all we think, feel and do. Many people who read this statement struggle to accept the responsibility and accountability it entails. The ‘higher standard’ seems challenging and perhaps overwhelming but you need perspective. The notion I present here is to set one’s own standards and work from that point forward. Your standards reflect what you value so your values ought to be clear. Here’s a useful starting point: 1. What are my values? Write the values that are most important to you in your sport. Write to flesh out your understanding.2. Write these values so they mean something to you,. For example, one of my values is leadership. Leadership in my sport means (complete the sentence).3. These are questions to explore your values/strengths: 1. How are you using this value/strength?2. How could you use this value/strength more?3. Which situations bring out this value/strength in you?4. Which situations prevent you from using this strength?

All you need to do now is: Begin

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