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A sport psychologist for football and football players

We all need to support to be our best regardless of our field of work or play. In professional and amateur sport, we are challenged to eat better, run faster, think quickly and cope with all the pressures of a game and playing at the level we have attained. But what if you, as a football player, is playing at 40 percent of your capacity? What if you have not challenged yourself physically, technically, tactically, or psychologically? What if you have hopes and dreams that you have not yet explored? One of the roles of a sport psychologist is to assess where you feel you are and what you feel is possible in your career. We rarely strive long enough to realise our potential and we are dragged from one disappointing experience to the next. With the help of a sport psychologist or on your own, you can generate an assessment of your current standings and where you wish to go in the next three months. You might assess your skills, your fitness, your nutrition, your tactical awareness and so on to give yourself a 360 assessment and then to think about next steps. You might find that nutrition and recovery are the most vital components of your performance now and will see you move ahead in the next three months. You will need to judge how you are doing in the following six areas. Give yourself a score out of 10 and then write the details of the score you have given yourself:

  1. physical

  2. psychological

  3. tactical

  4. technical

  5. lifestyle

  6. support systems

You might score a 6 on physical because you have more fitness to gain. You can work with your personal trainer or on your own to bring your 6 to a 7. Little wins are what matter here. You can do this work with a sport psychologist and then keep a check on your progress. Maybe it's time you invested in your sport and your career.


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