Golf Psychologist

A golf psychologist works with golfers to improve practice on the range and performance on the golf course. The specific needs of the golfer determines the support each golfer receives from the sport psychologist. I work with the golfer to determine what she wants and work diligently to help her to achieve her goals. We also work establish key psychological strategies to support the golfer on and off the golfer course. Here are a selection of those skills:

  • Setting goals
  • Practising to win
  • Developing routines
  • Developing confidence
  • Developing concentration
  • Dealing with pressure
  • Coping with mistakes

How sport psychology has helped to support David

David was a professional Tour golfer at the initial stages of his professional career. He struggled to play to his potential especially in competitions that were important to him - ones that would dramatically change his earnings and standing within the game.

At first he was reluctant to admit that some support might be necessary. In fact, he spent a few years suffering with performances that were much below his potential. Following a particularly poor run of performances he sought my assistance. He explained that he didn't want to contact someone about playing golf to his potential because he thought it was something he could address easily on his own. We began with an initial session to discuss what David wanted to achieve from our sessions. Once we had established our goals we began to work together for 12 sessions, initially. In the early sessions we explored David's awareness of himself. We explored why he played golf, how important golf was for him and how his image of himself as a golfer was interfering with how he played the game. After 5 sessions we began to develop strategies to help David detach his value of himself as a person from the value he placed on himself as a professional golfer.

Over the next four sessions David began to accept himself both as a good person and a fallible golfer - something he struggled to accept up to this point. In the final three sessions, we began to take David's new image to the golf course. After session 12, we decided to continue working until the end of the season. We put a few strategies in place to help David give his best on the golf course and accept the outcome of each competition whatever that might be. David is competing successfully and happily as a competitive golfer.