Football Psychologist

A football psychologist works with football players to improve practice and performance on the pitch. The specific needs of each football player determines the support each football player receives from the sport psychologist. I work with the football player to determine what he wants and work diligently to help him to achieve his goals. We also work establish key psychological strategies to support the football player on and off the pitch. Here are a selection of those skills:

  • Developing motivation
  • Setting goals to succeed
  • Practising to win
  • Developing confidence
  • Developing concentration
  • Dealing with pressure
  • Coping with mistakes

If you consider that excellence depends upon maximising your potential then addressing each piece of the success jigsaw seems sensible. In this success jigsaw, we see at least 5 components: PHYSICAL, MENTAL, TECHNICAL, TACTICAL and LIFESTYLE. Which of these components do you need to improve?

Our work together addresses the mental and lifestyle pieces of the jigsaw. I shall help you to coach yourself to be your best.