The fees for support from a chartered psychologist vary depending on qualifications, experience, location, travel and room hire. Many issues require short-term support of about 8-12 sessions which we decide upon during our initial meeting. Some issues require between 12 and 24 sessions. The working arrangements and fee structure differs for professional athletes and professional teams (see arrangements next and please contact for fee structure).

Payment is due at the end of each session. We can accept debit/credit card payments.
Assessment & Treatment
£150 per 90 minutes Assessment session
£110 per 50 minutes Treatment session

Travel rates(for work off-site e.g., workshops, seminars)
£50 per hour + public transport or mileage at 45p per mile.

Telephone/Skype/FaceTime contact
£100 per hour

Cancellation fee
(if less than 24 hours notice): 50%
Non attendance fee: 100%

Working with Professionals

I tend to work with high level performers over the longer term only (typically 12 months). There are several reasons for working with athletes over this term time but mostly we seek to establish durable changes in the way athletes think, feel and act. I typically meet with athletes for 90 minutes face-to-face in the first instance which I follow with a written Summary Report and Performance Plan. Monthly support is offered on three levels to fulfil the needs outlined in the Summary Report and Performance Plan. All fees are available on request.

Initial Meeting -- 4 hours support (90 minute meeting + Summary Report + Performance Plan).

Level 1 ---3 hours support
Level 2 ---5 hours support
Level 3 ---7 hours support