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Most athletes and coaches who seek the support of a sport psychologist have become stuck in some way. Perhaps they have lost form, confidence or motivation and seek refuge among those who might understand their predicament. Many athletes and coaches seek this understanding from a sport psychologist. The sport psychologist's role, therefore, shall be to help them to get back from whence they came. A simple analogy to illustrate the role of a sport psychologist follows: Imagine you are driving a car along the road and something untoward happens which persuades you to pull over. You have been frightened or worried in some way and you wish for someone else to drive. You meet someone on the roadside you believe can help you. Rather than returning to the driver's seat, you ask this person to drive for you. This person you meet happens to be a good psychologist. The good psychologist listens to your story and understands your anguish and fear. In your hour of need, you hope that the good psychologist will drive your car while you sit in the passenger seat safe from the scare you experienced a few moments earlier. The good psychologist, however, recognises that only you can truly help yourself. The good psychologist knows that you need to sit in the driver's seat and rely upon yourself once again. The good psychologist knows that the best place to sit is in the passenger seat while you work through your fear and regain your confidence driving once again. At this point, the good psychologist can leave your car while you continue on your journey having realised that what you were looking for all along you already had.

I work in performance enhancement with amateur and professional athletes. We work toward improvement each day in whichever way is best for the athlete. A sport psychologist for athletes at all levels ought to be qualified and chartered by the British Psychological Society. I support athletes in Scotland, especially those in Glasgow, Edinburgh and St Andrews. I also travel nationally and internationally; however much of my work is within Manchester, Birmingham and London.

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